9 Most Heartbreaking Deaths In Fantastic Four Comics

The Fantastic Four are the first family of Marvel Comics in many ways. The team, created by comic book legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1961, sparked new life into the superhero genre and created the Marvel Universe. But for as many triumphs as the team has had over the years, there have been as many tragedies.

Death is no stranger in comic books, and it has visited the Fantastic Four numerous times. Thanks to the endless cycle of decades of escalating plots, every member on the team has died at some point, and so have some of their closest allies and enemies in the comics.

The entire Fantastic Four team, including Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm, appeared to meet their end alongside the Avengers in the late ’90s Marvel crossover event Onslaught.

Their apparent sacrifice was mitigated when it was revealed that they were actually transported at the last second to a bubble universe created by Franklin Richards, the son of Reed and Sue. Franklin is a powerful mutant who can alter reality, a similar power in many respects to the Scarlet Witch’s powers in WandaVision.

Recent comic book history saw Doctor Doom, one of the most heinous Marvel villains, die in battle alongside the Fantastic Four. He joined the Future Foundation in the aftermath of Johnny Storm’s death, in exchange for Mr. Fantastic helping Doom regain his vaunted intelligence.

A lot had happened to get to that point, but Doom fought bravely beside the Fantastic Four against the Mad Celestials. Doom died defending the world against them. He was later shown to be alive through mysterious means.

One of the most staggering deaths in the entire Fantastic Four history occurs during the brief but legendary run by writer and artist Walt Simonson. In issues #337 through #342, Simonson takes the Fantastic Four, along with Iron Man and Thor, into the future to investigate a strange time bubble.

In the course of the adventure, Galactus activates the Ultimate Nullifier, which was originally conceived to defeat Galactus himself. This destroys an entire universe and everything in it.

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