5 Fictional Movie & TV Show Games We’d Love To Play (& 5 We’d Stay Far Away From)

It’s not uncommon for popular movie or TV show characters to make their fans jealous by having a blast while playing cool made-up games created to fit their fictional universe. And though these games are often eventually brought into the real world for fans to enjoy, they are almost never as fun or exciting as they seem on the screen.

On the other hand, there are examples whose rules are simply too scary and dangerous even for the bravest gamers to attempt them. Some of these fictional games certainly need real-life versions ASAP, while there are a few that should never see the light of the day.

This Parks and Recreation fictional board game has a complex yet, for many fans of the show who are true geeks at heart, an interesting set of rules. It is designed for eight to twelve players who can choose between fantasy characters such as wizards, warriors, alchemists, shamans, and more. Plus, there’s also a Ledgerman role whose task is to keep the score while players are strategically building civilizations to earn four cones to win.

In the series, “The Architect” of The Cones of Dunshire (along with its follow-up The Adventure Continues: The Winds of Tremorrah) is nerdy state auditor Ben Wyatt. According to him, the game became “the ninth-highest-selling multi-player figurine-based strategy fantasy sequel game in history.” However, fans are still desperately waiting for it to become reality.

First introduced in Riverdale’s third season, Gryphons and Gargoyles (also known as G&G) is a made-up role-playing board game somewhat based on the famous Dungeons and Dragons – except it’s far more dangerous and sinister than its real-life counterpart. In other words, G&G is invented to stimulate delusion in players’ minds, which eventually becomes an obsession with a tall creepy creature made of sticks named The Gargoyle King.

Furthermore, the game master has a big role in creating the madness as they design quite dangerous quests, which are (on the whole) incorporated into reality. So, it’s not surprising that the disturbed participants can easily end up dead or at least in a hospital bed due to, for example, being poisoned from drinking “gargoyle blood.”

Ready Player One’s game OASIS is every hardcore gamer’s dream. It’s a massively multiplayer online simulation game where, to put it shortly, anything is possible. In other words, as long as the players don’t take off their VR glasses, they can escape from the boring reality into a digital utopia and become whomever they wish without feeling the difference between those two worlds.

Apart from the right equipment, this immersive experience requires only the power of the player’s imagination, which is endless just like the game’s content and possibilities (thanks to the fact that it contains all of the human knowledge). Unfortunately, because VR technology today isn’t on the same level as the one in Ready Player One, OASIS still sounds too good to be true.

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