10 Worst Scenes In The Best Stephen King Movie Adaptations, Ranked

There’s always that one scene that sticks out. A scene that is known for being the worst. Now, being known as the worst scene in an original idea or adaptation can stem from numerous reasons, especially with something like a Stephen King film.

Even the best of the best, stories with heart, tales full of fantastic horror, are always going to have scenes that will either not work, feel weird, or be so disturbing, so difficult to watch, that can be considered as the worst scenes in said film. For no movie, even one from the mind of Stephen King is without the clichés, plot holes, or other problems.

To narrow down a good Stephen King adaptation beyond the more iconic ones is difficult. However, sometimes the mediocre movies, like the 2019 remake of Pet Sematary, stick out. Seen as an improvement over the 1989 version, there was one issue: Everyone dies.

Now with a movie where that’s the main “gimmick,” where people die and come back changed, that seems reasonable. Yet ending the movie with everyone, even Louis coming back evil, was a departure from the novel that took away from the creepy and much better ending.

One-liners are fun, there’s no doubt about that. Yet, it can be said that sometimes, one-liners can just come across as making no sense or not working at all and bog down the film, like in The Running Man, based on a book written by King under a pen-name.

While there are some great other lines in this awesome B-movie, “Here’s sub-zero. Now plain-zero!” is painful. It makes no sense, hurts the movie, and even with Arnold delivering the line, comes across as being silly. Fun to say, but not the best.

By all accounts, It: Chapter Two is a less superior film when compared to its predecessor. Still, the movie did garner some praise and love and is pretty faithful to the book despite some strange and out there scenes, like when Eddie battles the Leper.

Fighting the Leper, something created by Pennywise, starts off spooky enough, with the adult Eddie getting the upper hand and overcoming his fear… right before the Leper vomits in his face as “Just Call Me Angel” randomly blares for no reason and upsets the atmosphere.

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