10 Questionable Workplace Choices In The Big Bang Theory

An ongoing theme on The Big Bang Theory is the power of friendship and the importance of connection. But that’s not all TBBT touched based on. Their work in different fields of science was also a huge part of the series. With all four men working in different areas at Caltech, Amy being a neuroscientist, and Bernadette being a microbiologist, life in the workplace was a large setting throughout the show. (And fans can’t forget about Penny’s time at The Cheesecake Factory.)

While the gang made incredible moves in science, there were also moments of weakness. There were a few questionable decisions made at work that could have gotten the characters fired or at least sent home to think about their actions.

Before Howard fell in love and married Bernadette, he was a wannabe ladies’ man. There’s nothing he wouldn’t have done to go home with a woman.

In “The Lizard-Spock Expansion,” he found himself in deep trouble when he promised a woman he met at a bar that she could drive the Mars Rover. The only problem is that when Howard was showing her how it’s done, he crashed it. NASA got involved and an investigation was underway because data was erased after the crash. Luckily for him, they never found out who did it.

In an attempt at learning about what Leonard actually did at work, Penny sort of shadowed him for a couple of days to watch him in action. During a time where she went back and forth on the whole “dating Leonard thing,” she ended up falling even more in love with him when she was reminded how smart he was.

However, she took her feelings to another level. She and Leonard started sleeping with each other in the lab, which had to have gone against a couple of health codes.

Oh, Sheldon. As someone who cherishes his work and doesn’t take it for granted, he has made some egregious workplace decisions that could have gotten him fired from his dream job.

When he hired a woman named Alex to be his assistant, Sheldon didn’t realize that the conversations he had with her about sexuality and desire could be seen as inappropriate for the workplace. This, of course, got Sheldon sent to human reimgs where he continued to talk about what he wasn’t supposed to talk about. He even made unintentional and insensitive racial comments.

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