10 Questionable Workplace Choices In New Girl

Jess and her friends made a lot of terrible decisions when it came to their careers in New Girl. They often treated work more like a hobby and were rarely professional when they were doing their jobs. The situations that arose during business hours weren’t issues that viewers often see in the real world and the chaos added to the overall enjoyment of the show.

In most cases, their actions inside and outside of the workplace would get them fired. However, most of the time, the group managed to get away with it. There were some mistakes that were so bad, fans didn’t know whether to laugh at or feel sorry for the characters.

In hopes of fitting in with the other teachers at her school, Jess gives into some peer pressure. Nick originally tries to get Jess into their friend group by giving out free school supplies. When that fails, he bribes them with free drinks from the bar, but Jess still feels the need to go along with their wild schemes. She and Nick end up hopping the fence and sneaking around her boss’s backyard. Thankfully, her boss assumes she’s there to see his new hot tub. Jess and Nick did have to take a dip with him to sell their story, but Jess got out of the situation with no work repercussions.

To give Nick time to plan the perfect birthday for Jess, Cece covers his shift at the bar. Cece is still learning how to bartend and it’s not something that comes easy. Despite Schmidt coming along to help, the shift turns out to be a catastrophe. They end up busting a keg and spraying it all over Cece’s angry co-worker. It all works out in the end, and Cece and Schmidt are able to get to Jess’ party right on schedule. But letting Cece serve drinks by herself, probably wasn’t the best decision on the manager’s part.

In one of the most hysterical episodes of the series, Nick goes undercover as Pepperwood to spy on the students in Jess’s class. He manages to convince her that one of them is a serial killer and she’s the next target.

Things get crazy when Nick ends up trapped in the student’s shed looking for proof and Jess runs to his rescue. But he wasn’t a killer, he was just an odd guy. It was a bit shocking that Jess didn’t get reported for breaking and entering into her student’s house.

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