10 Of The Best & Worst Relatives On The Big Bang Theory

For the most part, the core gang of friends in The Big Bang Theory are each others family – but from time to time, their actual relatives pop in as well! Some only show up for an episode or two, and some are only mentioned (including many siblings who don’t even get named). Others, like Leonard and Sheldon’s mothers, become fairly big characters of their own, and show up on a regular basis.

But between all the siblings, cousins, and parents mentioned on the series, which are the ones that fans would most like to be related to themselves, which are the most enjoyable to watch, and which make us feel sorry for the people that they are related to?

Priya shows up in the fourth season of the show, where it’s revealed that she has previously had a fling with Leonard. When she¬†comes back to California temporarily, this spark is rekindled, and the two end up in a relationship over the course of two seasons. While she frustrates Raj from time to time (especially with her relationship with his friend), it’s clear that these two are actually very close. They have their disagreements, but they are great siblings to one another, and clearly friends as well as brother and sister.

Leonard’s father doesn’t show up very often in the show itself, but Leonard tells a few stories about him over the course of the show that definitely reveal the kind of man that he is. Leonard definitely didn’t have a great relationship with either of his parents growing up, and while a lot of the blame for this falls on his mother, his father has to take some responsibility, too. Leonard makes it clear that his father was distant and rarely around, and didn’t show him much affection.

It would have been nice to see more of Missy on the show, but she only appeared in a couple of episodes (and multiple mentions, as well as one off-camera scream). However, what fans do see of her, she’s a great character – and not a bad sister, especially given that her brother is Sheldon!

Missy truly cares about him, and makes that clear, and she is kind to his friends and welcoming to Amy when Sheldon marries her. She is also able to make Sheldon listen to her, which is a truly impressive ability!

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