10 Most Ridiculous Mario Enemies That Are So Useless, We Almost Feel Bad For Them

If Nintendo fans were being honest, they’d admit that most of Mario’s enemies are a bit janky. As intimidating as some of them are, none of them have managed to stop everyone’s favorite plumber from achieving his goal of obtaining the cake that has alluded him. Even the main villains don’t truly stand a chance of stopping Mario.

That being said, some of Mario’s infamous enemies are more useless than others. Some of these villains are so pathetic, that they even somehow achieve a degree of sympathy from the player, which makes them even more pathetic, in a way.

Lakitu is an enemy that is so poor at their job that they sought a career change, which ended up being a better fit for them. Lakitu is a Koopa that rides on a cloud who throws Spinies at Mario, something that the hero can easily avoid.

However, Lakitu’s story has a happy ending. While they’ll occasionally serve as an enemy, Lakitu has assisted Mario, serving as the cameraperson in Super Mario 64 and as a referee during Mario Kart races, two jobs that they are well suited for.

It’s hard for Shy Guys to be scary when they’re so cute. Many of Mario’s enemies fit into this category, with Shy Guy being among the cutest. Debuting in Super Mario Bros. 2, the Shy Guys have been both enemies and allies to Mario.

Their tenures as enemies are a lot less notable, being easily taken down by the likes of Mario and Luigi. Though they have a strong following, it can’t mask the fact that the Shy Guys aren’t really all that intimidating.

The first boss of Super Mario 64, it’s a shock that King Bob-Omb wasn’t overthrown at the point he fought Mario, given how useless he is. Though he has his size as his advantage, Mario ends up being too quick for King Bob-Omb.

Not even King Bob-Omb’s explosion could stop Mario, with the plumber being completely unmoved by King Bob-Omb exploding. There are so many bosses that Mario has trounced easily, but King Bob-Omb is one of the most pathetic.

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