10 Most Heartbreaking Deaths In Avengers Comics

The Avengers is the superteam in Marvel Comics that almost every major hero has been a member of. Much like the Justice League in DC Comics, the Avengers formed when the threat was too large for one person to defeat. And in this case, a Loki-controlled rampaging Hulk. Then, throughout the years, it was the home of a who’s-who of Marvel Comics.

Throughout the years, the Avengers have won and lost major battles, and they have suffered great losses along the way. There were some deaths of prominent Avengers members when the team was battling villains, and there were even some occurring when the Avengers battled each other.

Wonder Man had a long run with the Avengers, working on different iterations of the team, and he was even partially responsible for the creation of Vision. That would not have happened if Simon Williams had not died. He worked as a part of the Masters of Evil but ended up turning good and saving the Avengers in the battle. However, to save the Avengers, Wonder Man sacrificed himself and died in Avengers #9 by Stan Lee and Don Heck. His brainwaves were later used to help create Vision.

One would think the death of Iron Man would rank high when it comes to heartbreaking moments. However, the ’90s was not a nice time for Iron Man. His death came during “The Crossing” storyline where Iron Man turned out to be a villain, a mole since he first appeared with the Avengers so many years ago.

He worked for Kang and committed some terrible acts, even almost killing Wasp. In Avengers #395 by Bob Harras, Terry Kavanagh & Mike Deodato Jr., Iron Man sacrificed himself in the end and was replaced by a teenage version of himself from the past.

Scarlet Witch has done several bad things in her life and killed at least two people on this list. However, when she died, she was completely innocent of any wrongdoing, and it was a tragic moment. Captain America set up a team of Avengers and mutants to prove the two sides could coexist.

The problem is that Rogue hated Scarlet Witch for M-Day, and they never got along. In Uncanny Avengers #14 by Rick Remender and Steve McNiven, Wanda was trying to help save the world, and Rogue, thinking she was trying to do something evil, murdered her. Before Wanda died, she completed her spell and admitted her love for Wonder Man.

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