10 Most Expensive GameCube Games in 2021 That’ll Leave A Dent In Your Wallet

The Nintendo GameCube was released globally in 2001 and 2002, and, though it wouldn’t go down as one of the Japanese publisher’s most successful consoles, it certainly left a legacy that is still celebrated today. The GameCube was groundbreaking in a lot of respects, but the classic games themselves have only become more valuable with time.

While not many items from the GameCube reach the dizzying heights of some other consoles in terms of their prices, there are quite a few rare games that could certainly break the bank and are incredibly difficult to find. These numbers may vary based on the seller, inflation, and other factors, but, on average, these games could certainly put a dent in anyone’s wallet.

The Fire Emblem series had a number of incarnations before hitting the GameCube in 2005 with its ninth installment. The tactical role-playing game had only just made its way overseas though, with only three of those nine being released outside of Japan.

Strangely enough, hundreds of thousands of copies of this game were sold, meaning this was a relatively easy title to come-by. Its critical reception alongside its great gameplay and brilliant feedback from fans means that players might be looking around the $300 mark to purchase this classic.

Pikmin released in 2001, with the success of the game leading to the release of Pikmin 2 in 2004. Both were wildly popular new titles for the GameCube, and they have gone on to inspire a whole range of Pikmin games across Nintendo platforms.

The sales of the game prompted Nintendo to release a two-pack, which brought both titles together. This was a Japanese import, making it far rarer and increasing its value. As the first titles of the series, this only boosts its prices further. This could range in value from around $150 to even $300.

Gadget Racers has actually gone through a few different names, which is one of the reasons this iteration of the GameCube classic is increasing in value. In North America, it was known as Road Trip: The Arcade Edition, and, in Japan, it was Choro Q!

Interestingly enough, it is the European Gadget Racers that is now the most valued. The 2002 Takara racing game was a lot of fun to play and was based on Road Trip Adventure, which was released on multiple consoles. This GameCube exclusive could reach up to $350 in price!

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