10 Hilarious Knock-Off Video Games You Have To See To Believe

Whether it’s an age-old beat ‘em up, an arcade racer, or a 2000s flash game, developers have arguably “borrowed“ more than they should to the point where they’re almost identical.

What’s crazier is that, though most of them flop miserably, a couple of them have become world-famous and far surpassed their influences in terms of popularity. But regardless of how successful they are or how good they turned out to be, these games are complete knock-offs of others, and there are far too many similarities for it to be a coincidence.

As much of a rip-off of Mortal Kombat that Killer Instinct is, the game does try to do its own thing at times.

However, the game also borrows so much that it’d be indistinguishable from Mortal Kombat if it wasn’t for the disastrous graphics. Between the character rosters, the dark vibes, and the ultra-violence, it’s clear as day that it’s a knock-off.

Along with Ubisoft’s currently in development open-world Star Wars game, the iconic franchise has so many video-games under its belt that in the 2010s, it was arguably a better game series than film series. But that wasn’t always the case, as there are some shocking entries that LucasArts would rather have players forget about. Being a first-person shooter with some massive machine guns, Star Wars: Dark Forces is a massive rip-off of Doom and Wolfenstein, and though it isn’t the worst Star Wars game, it really doesn’t have much to do with Star Wars at all.

Video-games based on The Simpsons have always been knock-offs of other games, whether it’s Simpsons Wrestling or Simpsons: Hit & Run. But those games actually worked,  and it was because those games still put enough of a spin on the img material for it to stand on its own.

However, Simpsons: Road Rage was unabashedly a knock-off of Crazy Taxi in every way, and there weren’t even any attempts to hide that fact, which is why SEGA filed a lawsuit against the game. As The Simpsons is one of the best animated shows to binge watch on Disney+ right now, fans would rather watch the worst seasons of the show than play this game again.

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