10 Best Red Power Rangers Ranked By Their Ability To Lead

Every team of Power Rangers needs a leader. Since the beginning of the franchise, the role has always gone to the Red Ranger. This Ranger would be a voice of reason in tough situations or instill fearlessness in the team when faced with danger, but not all leaders are perfect.

Since 1993, die-hard fans have seen an evolution in Red Rangers and some became more memorable than others. Who could forget the first-ever American Red Ranger, Jason Lee Scott? It’s safe to say that the Rangers after him had a lot to live up to. Here are some Rangers that did an excellent job taking on the responsibility of wearing the color red.

While he wasn’t originally meant to become the Red Ranger, Mack proved his worth. In his team’s first battle, he was quick with strategy and combat helping defeat their first foe. Along the way, his leadership helped the team prevail.

He did have a moment of uncertainty after learning his true identity, but Mack still went above and beyond for his team and showcased it in the finale. He fearlessly takes on Flurious, risking himself for his team.

Tyler showed a lot of promise as a leader in Dino Charge. His drive also came from his backstory of losing his father and doing everything necessary to find him. His devotion also seeped into his role as a leader and he did everything possible for his teammates. What also made Tyler notable was that he wasn’t stoic or rough around the edges.

It’s hard to follow a leader who can’t see both sides or empathize beyond logic. Tyler has a good heart and can joke around but can quickly turn serious when the situation demands it. He helps his fellow Rangers out when Jason from Mighty Morphin appears in a crossover episode.

Fans can agree that Lauren’s role as the first female Red Ranger in the American franchise deserves praise on its own. She was the sister of Jayden who passed on his powers. Sadly her role as the Red Ranger didn’t get as much storyline development as fans would have hoped.

She still managed to wow audiences with her leadership and she was clearly better suited for the role than her brother. Having been in hiding, she mastered her martial arts and combat skills. Lauren is a badass lead character that deserves the honor the Red Ranger status holds.

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